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Islam is the second largest, and some claim, the fastest growing, religion in the world. Christians need to affirm their love for Muslims (Christ died for all men), and stand against any persecution against them based on their religion or ethnicity. We should also seek to enter into dialog with them where possible, so that they might learn more about Jesus, whom they respect as a prophet, but do not accept as savior. And we should not give the false impression, so prevalent in our culture today, that our beliefs are equal. Jesus said He is the only way to God the Father (John 14:6).

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Notice: Sources often remove their news links after a period of time. Some of them move older stories to a subscription-only section. Even if the story is no longer on line, our summary will still be available on this page.

Is This the End for Mideast Christianity?

Nov. 5, 2014 -
"For Christians in the Middle East, 2014 has been a catastrophe. The most wrenching stories have come from Iraq, where the nascent Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL ...) has savagely persecuted ancient Christian communities, including Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Syrian Orthodox."
Ever since the seventh century, when Islam conquered the Middle East, Christianity has been subdued, but even as late as 1914, the Christian population of the whole region from Egypt to Persia (Iran)was still 10%. The percentage has declined greatly in Iraq since the first Gulf War in 1991, but Christians still maintained a strong presence in Mosul, where the church was founded in the early days of Christianity.

Now observers say that the end of Christianity in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East is in sight. Only Egypt and Lebanon have a sizeable Christian population, and they too are being persecuted.

The article explores the history of persecution and the question about why God allows it. Examples are given of persecution resulting in Christian growth, especially in the case of China. The author concludes, "Suffering, Yes. Extinction, No."

Source: Philip Jenkins - Christianity Today

Jay Smith vs. Dr.Shabir Ally- Bible vs Quran: Which is the Word of God?

Oct. 6, 2014 - Watch this important debate in which Jay Smith presents new information from a variety of Christian and Muslim scholars. In an email to his supporters Jay wrote,
"With this evidence Muslims will no longer be able to simply say, as they so often do, that their Qur'an is 1) eternal, 2) sent down 3) complete, and 4) unchanged."
Source: Livestream

With their feet and a tweet, Europe’s Muslims reject jihadis

Sept. 24, 2014 -
As Islamic State extremists call for random murders throughout Europe in Allah’s name, the continent’s Muslims are hitting back with mass peace demonstrations and a Twitter campaign to say “not in my name.”
Source: Times of Israel
#NotInMyName - Twitter
#NotInMyName - YouTube
Editor's Note: (Tweet): Good movement from peaceful Muslims. Now let's hear it from Koranic scholars.
Military analyst: ISIS 'will never be destroyed' - 'The violent element is in the DNA of Islam' - WND

Does moderate Islam exist?

Sept. 15, 2014 -
Until the leading Islamic scholars provide a peaceful theology that clearly contradicts the violent views of the IS, the existence of a “moderate Islam” must be questioned.
The Islamic State (IS) believes that Muslims must offer non-Muslims the following choices: Convert to Islam, pay a humiliating tax called “Jijya,” or be killed. This was also the belief of the early Muslims when they conducted their massive conquests.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Moderate Islam: A Myth - Steven Crowder - Video - Front Page Magazine
Lie of 'moderate' Muslims and Islamic jihad - Pamela Geller - WND
Bill Maher ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES Charlie Rose For Comparing Islam To Christianity - Fox Nation

Muslim 'disinformation' campaign strategic ... and dangerous

Apr. 1, 2014 - In Ohio an Islamic group called "Ask a Muslim" is using billboards to claim "Jesus is Muslim" and "Mohammad is in the Bible." Dr. Alex McFarland, a Christian apologist and co-host of American Family Radio's "Exploring the Word." says Muslim groups are using disinformation about Christianity to try to convert people to Islam. He says, those who do not know the Bible and the facts of history may be misled. He also says,
"Allah is not God, the Koran is not scripture, and Mohammad is not a true prophet of God" – and believes Muslims and the world need to know that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Source: One News Now
Ask a Muslim
Stand Strong - Alex McFarland

The Son and the Crescent

February, 2011 - At a recent meeting of prominent mission agencies working in one Muslim-majority country [not named for security purposes] reported that more than 1,000 "fellowships," [not "churches"] had sprung up for people from Muslim backgrounds. Many thousands of Muslims in this nation alone had found faith in Jesus. There was debate about which Bible translations should be used. One example is a version that does not refer to Jesus as the "Son of God," because some Muslims believe that this phrase means that the Father engaged in sexual relations with Mary.
To avoid this misunderstanding, the new translation called Jesus "the Beloved Son who comes (or originates) from God."
Read the entire article for enlightenment on the ongoing discussions about how to reach Muslims for Christ.
Source: Christianity Today

Islamophobia: We Have More to Fear than Fear Itself

Sept. 18, 2010 - Stan Guthrie points to Time magazine's latest cover, "Is America Islamophobic?" The implied answer is "yes," but he cites FBI figures about the 1,732 hate crimes based on religious bigotry in 2008. Their records show that there are many more hate crimes perpetrated against Jews in our country than against Muslims. In fact, there are even more hate crimes against Christians than against Muslims in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Islamic regimes are the real source of religious persecution.

The latest World Watch List of Open Doors, for example, reports that eight of the 10 worst—and at least 37 of the top 50—persecuting countries against Christians are run not by "radicals of all the faith traditions," but by Muslims.
Source: Crosswalk
Is America Islamophobic? - Time
World Watch List 2010 - Open Doors
See news about current controversies about the "Ground Zero" mosque and threatened burning of the Koran - Prophecy Central
Report: U.S. Ignoring Creeping Threat from Sharia Law - CBN

America: Break The Silence On Islam

Mar. 23, 2010 - The author makes a case for not considering Islam a legitimate religion according to the standards of the First Amendment. He argues that, unlike other peace-oriented religions, orthodox Islam is violent and destructive. Other religions may go astray, but then they can be reformed by returning to the precepts of their holy writings. Islam cannot correct itself in this way. He explains:
"Reform is not at play, because one cannot point to Jihadists or terrorists and say Muhammad did not advocate it. He most certainly did, and delighted in his evil thoughts."
Source: Amil Imani - American Chronicle

Christian churches fed 'Islam lite'

Feb. 7, 2010 - Experts on Islamic teaching like Dorothy Cutter, coordinator for the Hartford, Conn., chapter of Aglow Islamic Awareness, and Steve Emerson, director of the Investigative Project for Terrorism, warn that the Muslim Brotherhood is effectively employing a strategy of presenting "Islam lite" to organizations, including Christian churches. The purpose of this indoctrination is to convince Christians to view Islam as a moderate religion and to support the Islamic Society of North America.
The Muslim Brotherhood is the Sunni transnational movement founded in Egypt in 1928 that has spawned most of the major terrorist movements in the world, including al-Qaida and Hamas. It's aim is to make Islamic law supreme over the world.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Muslim Followers of Jesus?

Dec. 2009 - Can one be a Muslim and a follower of Jesus? This thought-provoking article analyzes the different ways that Islamic believers in Jesus identify themselves and their fellow-believers. Yale University scholar Joseph Cumming describes the differences and the angry debate between the groups. The editors summarize the issue this way:
The gospel must be contextualized, but how far can contextualization go without violating the gospel? And who sets the boundaries?
Source: Joseph Cumming - The Global Conversation - Christianity Today

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Questions And Links For Islam

These are some of the questions that are asked about this topic. Search the links section to find helpful teaching and resources from Christian apologists.

Can one be a Muslim and a follower of Jesus?

Islam Links

Apologetics Sites

Apologetics: A Reasoned Defense of Christianity
Southern Baptist – North American Mission Board

Catholic Encyclopedia: Apologetics

The Center For Christian Apologetics

Christian Answers Net
Apologetics megasite

Christian Research Institute (CRI)
Home of the "Bible Answer Man" radio program with Hank Hanegraaff. Publisher of the "Christian Research Journal." They have a large searchable database with helpful articles on all aspects of apologetics.

Lifeway Article Repository on Apologetics

Koinonia House
Find a wealth of useful information from Chuck Missler. His unique approach and insights make him one of the most popular teachers of our time. The new website includes audio files. Selected articles from Personal Update, read by 100,000 subscribers, are also available.

Prophecy Central's Islam Section
Islamic trends and connections to Bible Prophecy

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
A global ministry that seeks to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cultural influencers throughout the world.

Ministry to Muslims

Doors into Islam - Christianity Today

Understanding Islam - CBN

30 Days - Muslim Prayer Focus

France: The Ire and the Fire - Article about French riots and Christian response - Christianity Today

The Teachings of Islam

Searchable Koran - Online Book Initiative

Al-Islam - Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project - Islam and The Global Muslim eCommunity

Islam - Wikipedia

A Shi'ite Encyclopedia

Information About The Crusades

Kingdom of Heaven - The Truth Behind The Crusades - CBN Special Section

How Could Christians Crusade? -Christianity Today

In Search of the Real Balian - Christianity Today

Christian Jihad: The Crusades and Killing in the Name of Christ - CBN

American Muslims

Islam 101

We Are at War with Terrorism, not Islam - By Salam Al Marayati

Comparisons/ Debates

Why We Left Islam - WorldNetDaily - Ex Muslims

Hyde Park Christian Fellowship - Jay Smith and others

Islam Review

Answering Islam

Daniel Pipes

Muhammad, Islam, and Terrorism

The Middle East Media and Research Institute - translations of the Arab media and original analysis

Notes and References on Islam - by Chuck Missler

Islam - Peace Encyclopedia

Understanding Muslims - Lambert Dolphin

A Short Summary of Islamic Beliefs and Eschatology - Lambert Dolphin

Notes on the Background of Islam - From book by Robert Morey


Obsession: The New Documentary About Radical Islam's War Against The West

What is Jihad?

Jihad Watch


Islam on YouTube


There are a number of user-edited Internet encyclopedias, known as "wikis." These may be very helpful, but because of the input of multiple editors, they may be incorrect. Go to any of these wikis and do a search for "Islam" or any other topic.

Wikipedia - General interest - May have non-Biblical point of view.
Theopedia - Traditional, evangelical, Protestant point of view.

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