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Mormonism is a cult, denying many of the key tenents of Biblical Christianity, but there are some interesting movements in our generation toward theological discourse and social action with evangelicals that bear watching.

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Current Events

Notice: Sources often remove their news links after a period of time. Some of them move older stories to a subscription-only section. Even if the story is no longer on line, our summary will still be available on this page.

Mormon Church Admits Founder Joseph Smith Had About 40 Wives

Nov. 11, 2014 - After nearly 200 years of teaching that Joseph Smith was monogamous, the Mormon church now admits that their founder married about 40 women including a 14-year-old.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has tried to gloss over aspects of its history, including the polygamy practiced by Smith and Brigham Young, who helped found Salt Lake City, Utah, the headquarters of the Mormon church.
Source: NewsMax

Study Shows Mormonism is Fastest-Growing Religion in Half of U.S. States

May 3, 2012 - The 2012 Religious Congregations and Membership Study shows that Mormonism is the fastest-growing faith in more than half of U.S. states with 2 million new adherents and new congregations in 295 U.S. counties were they didn't exist a decade ago.
Muslims came in second, with growth of 1 million adherents in 197 new counties, to a total of about 2.6 million -- and mosques have multiplied at a growth rate of about 50 percent
Source: Religion Today
The Fastest Growing Religion In America Is Islam
- A Nation-wide poll shows that Islam grew by 66.7% between 2000 and 2010, but Mormons were second with growth of 45.5%/ Evangelicals grew at an anemic 1.7%. - Worldview Times

Does Joel Osteen Not Know, or Does He Not Care?

Oct. 26, 2011 - While voters are debating the effect one's beliefs have on their ability to lead, Joel Osteen, pastor of the largest church in America, told a Washington Times reporter his views on Mormonism.
I believe that [Mormons] are Christians. ... I dont know if its the purest form of Christianity... I hear Mitt Romney and Ive never met him but I hear him say, I believe Jesus is the son of God, I believe hes my savior, and thats one of the core issues."
The real question for Osteen is whether or not he knows the vast differences between Mormonism and Orthodox Christianity. He told Chris Wallace that he had not studied the matter or thought about it. Maybe he should.
Source: Al Mohler - Crosswalk

Mormonism, Democracy and the Urgent Need for Evangelical Thinking

Oct. 11, 2011 - Theologian Al Mohler discusses two separate questions. The first is whether or not Mormonism is a branch of Christianity. He says that they do not claim to be just another denomination of Christianity.
To the contrary, the central claim of Mormonism is that Christianity was corrupt and incomplete until the restoration of the faith with the advent of the Latter-Day Saints and their scripture, The Book of Mormon.
He also poins out many serious differences between Orthodox Christianity and Mormonism.

The second question is whether or not a faithful Christian can vote for a Mormon candidate. To this question he suggests that the real issue for a voter is which candidate's beliefs and record are most in keeping with the Christian worldview. From this point of view it is conceivable that a Christian could conceivably choose even a non-believer over a another candidate who claims to be a true Christian but doesn't act like it.

Source: Al Mohler - Crosswalk
Romney's faith splits religious conservatives - Sydney Morning Herald
Anti-Mormon Pastor To Anderson Cooper: Romney May Belong To A Cult, But He Is Better Than Obama - Fox
Mormonism - Does it follow Jesus Christ? - Christian Answers

Most Improbable Dialogue

Oct. 30, 2009 - In October an intense, closed-door dialogue was held at Wheaton College between an evangelical team led by Fuller Theological Seminary president Richard Mouw and a Mormon team led by Robert Millet, a professor at Brigham Young University. This discussion was centered on proselytism, a topic on which the two sides are intense rivals. This was the 17th dialogue between the groups since 2000.
The talks are not the only breakthrough. LDS president Thomas S. Monson and his two counselors permitted Standing Together, an alliance of 90 Utah evangelical churches, to use the historic Salt Lake City Tabernacle for a September 13 revival meeting.
Standing Together president Gregory Johnson, called the event "historic." In his message at the event, evangelist Nick Vujicic challenged LDS teaching by insisting that "every human being is born with an evil nature," and by emphasizing that salvation cannot depend on a person's goodness because "you can't even forgive yourself." More than 100 people made personal commitments to Jesus Christ.

The article chronicles other discussions and events involving many Christian apologists including Ravi Zacharias and Craig Hazen in recent years.

Source: Christianity Today

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Questions And Links For Mormonism

These are some of the questions that are asked about this topic. Search the links section to find helpful teaching and resources from Christian apologists.

What do Mormons Believe?
What is "Official" Mormon Doctrine? - Lifeway
Mormonism - Does it follow Jesus Christ? - Christian Answers
Do Mormons Consider Lucifer to be the Brother of Jesus? - Bible Truth

Mormonism Links

Apologetics: A Reasoned Defense of Christianity
Southern Baptist North American Mission Board

Bible Truth
An Independent Fundamental Baptist site
Do Mormons Consider Lucifer to be the Brother of Jesus?

Christian Answers Net
Apologetics megasite

Chrisian Ministries Internations
The Carlson brothers offer videos, articles and other resources on mormonism.
Fast Facts on Mormonism
Fast Facts on Mormonism - Part 2
Fast Facts on Mormonism - Part 3

Christian Research Institute (CRI)
Home of the "Bible Answer Man" radio program with Hank Hanegraaff. Publisher of the "Christian Research Journal." They have a large searchable database with helpful articles on all aspects of apologetics.

Lifeway Article Repository on Apologetics

Stand To Reason
This is the website for "Stand To Reason" radio show and host Greg Koukl. Koukl and other faculty members offer lectures and seminars geared towards helping Christians gain practical tools they need to make a difference in their world.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
A global ministry that seeks to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cultural influencers throughout the world.


Ravi Zacharias speaking to Mormons 1 of 7 - You Tube


There are a number of user-edited Internet encyclopedias, known as "wikis." These may be very helpful, but because of the input of multiple editors, they may be incorrect. Go to any of these wikis and do a search for "Mormonism" or any other topic.

Mormonism - Wikipedia -General interest - May have non-Biblical point of view.
Mormonism - Theopedia- Traditional, evangelical, Protestant point of view.

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