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Many people refer to our generation as a postchristian society. By this they mean that the average person no longer believes and practices Christianity.

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Current Events

Notice: Sources often remove their news links after a period of time. Some of them move older stories to a subscription-only section. Even if the story is no longer on line, our summary will still be available on this page.

The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the Church

Nov. 20, 2010 - Drew Dyck, author of Generation Ex-Christian, gives the results of several polls and studies that show that there is a major exodus from Christianity among 18- to 29-year-olds. They give a variety of reasons for their defection, but most of them cite negative experiences with other church people.
The Barna Group estimates that 80 percent of those reared in the church will be "disengaged" by the time they are 29.
Dyck also explains that this generation of doubters is less likely than the young adults of previous times to return to the Church because the prevailing culture is post-Christian. Appeals to rational thinking are no longer persuasive to many of them. Alternative forms of spirituality, like Wicca, appeal to a significant minority of these ex-Christians.

The best response to this serious problem is to find ways of re-establishing good relationships with these young adults. The church has well-developed programs to help people with addictions, but "precious little for Christians struggling with the faith."

Source: Christianity Today
Marriage in Obsolescence - Christianity Today

Reaching the Post-Christian

June 23, 2009 - A high percentage of the 20-something population have already been turned off by something in Christianity, and are not likely to respond to any invitation to a church event. They can still be reached by building personal relationships with them and involvement in Serving/Social Justice projects, opportunities for artistic expression, and development of a trans-ethnic community.
Source: Daniel Hill - River City (Church) - Christianity Today

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Questions And Links For Post-Christian

These are some of the questions that are asked about this topic. Search the links section to find helpful teaching and resources from Christian apologists.

Post-Christian Links

Access Research Network
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing accessible information on science, technology and society, especially on controversial topics as genetic engineering, euthanasia, computer technology, environmental issues, creation/evolution, fetal tissue research, and AIDS.
Michael J. Behe
Phillip E. Johnson
William A. Dembski
Steven Meyers
Answers In Genesis
Extensive website reflecting the teaching and ministries of founder Ken Ham. Information is available about their "Creation Museum" in Cincinnati and Answers Magazine.
Apologetics: A Reasoned Defense of Christianity
Southern Baptist North American Mission Board
Apologetics Study Bible
Biola University - Christian Apologetics Program
Biola offers a Master of Arts degree in Apologetics. They also conduct certificate programs for their popular "Defending The Faith" lecture series, and support the peer reviewed journal, Philosophia Christi. Dr. Craig Hazen leads the outstanding faculty of this department.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Apologetics
The Center For Christian Apologetics
Christian Answers Net
Apologetics megasite
Christian Research Institute (CRI)
Home of the "Bible Answer Man" radio program with Hank Hanegraaff. Publisher of the "Christian Research Journal." They have a large searchable database with helpful articles on all aspects of apologetics.
Discovery Institute - Center for Science and Culture
Among other things, this organization supports research by scientists and other scholars developing the scientific theory known as intelligent design.
Access Research Network
Michael J. Behe
Phillip E. Johnson
William A. Dembski
International Society For Complexity, Information, and Design
Institue For Creation Research (ICR)
ICR was founded in 1981 by Dr. Henry Morris, co-author of The Genesis Flood, which began the "young earth" concept. ICR Graduate School offers an advanced degree in science education. ICR publishes Acts & Facts magazine and the Days of Praise daily devotional, conducts a daily radio program, and maintains the Museum of Creation and Earth History in San Diego. Leadership is now provided by Morris' sons, John and Henry III.
Lifeway Article Repository on Apologetics
Koinonia House
Find a wealth of useful information from Chuck Missler. His unique approach and insights make him one of the most popular teachers of our time. The new website includes audio files. Selected articles from Personal Update, read by 100,000 subscribers, are also available.
Prophecy Central's Creation Section
Interesting connections between Creation, The Flood, and Prophecy
Reasons To Believe
Biblical creation teaching from the perspective that astronomy and other scientific disciplines prove that the earth and Universe are billions of years old. Dr. Hugh Ross is President and Director of Research.
Skeptical Christian
Stand To Reason
This is the website for "Stand To Reason" radio show and host Greg Koukl. Koukl and other faculty members offer lectures and seminars geared towards helping Christians gain practical tools they need to make a difference in their world.
Lee Strobel - Investigating Faith
James Sundquist Abrahamic Faith
To Every Man An Answer
This is a live call-in radio program that answers your questions about the Bible and the Christian faith.
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
A global ministry that seeks to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cultural influencers throughout the world.


Post-Christian on YouTube


There are a number of user-edited Internet encyclopedias, known as "wikis." These may be very helpful, but because of the input of multiple editors, they may be incorrect. Go to any of these wikis and do a search for "Post-Christian" or any other topic.

Postchristianity on Wikipedia - General interest - May have non-Biblical point of view.
Theopedia - Traditional, evangelical, Protestant point of view.

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Post-Christian Resources

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